Achieving Authenticity at ChileUP!

You're invited to participate with our renowned chefs — Chef Jose and Chef Paco — during our monthly ChileUP! Chefs' Demonstrations, and you'll get to enjoy every delectable morsel!

The presentations give our ChileUP! chefs an opportunity to showcase their distinctive styles and authentic Southwestern cooking methods. To learn more about how to participate in our authentic Southwestern cooking demonstrations, when you're at ChileUP! ask our restaurant manager for monthly calendar details and registration information.

Or check out our Chefs' Demonstrations calendars below. Our ChileUP! Calendar Connections provide a description of the menu for the month, the expected session duration, the registration deadline and the per person fees. You can also register online using the ChileUP! Registration Connections form below.

Your registration will be confirmed when payment is received at least 48 hours before the current month's demonstration. Your pre-payment and confirmation gives us time to prepare our kitchen for your authentic
ChileUP! experience.

Please keep in mind that reservations are limited for our demonstrations. We have space available for a total of only 12 adults or well-behaved children 12 years or older, or a combination of both. We appreciate your early notice that you're confirming your participation, and your understanding that full refunds for cancellations are provided if we receive your notice of cancellation in writing at least 48 hours prior to the current month's demonstration. Otherwise, cancellations are non-refundable.

If you're not able to get reservations during a specific month, please make reservations for the next demonstration.

We're glad you're interested in ChileUP!, and we're looking forward to serving you — Southwestern Style!

Calendar Connections

ChileUP! Chefs' Demo #1

Preparing for Southwestern Style Action

Get Your Taste Buds Ready!

ChileUP! Chefs' Demo #2

Authentic and Hands-On Demonstrations

You'll Love Our Southwestern Style!

ChileUP! Chefs' Demo #3

Register Today for Next Month's Demo

We're Ready for You and Your Buds!

ChileUP! Calendar Connections — Chefs' Demonstrations

The Chefs' Demonstrations calendars should automatically open if you're using Google Chrome. If you don't use Google Chrome or have problems viewing our Calendar Connections located below, please access our online calendars using this link: ChileUP! Chefs' Demonstrations - Calendar Connections.

Be sure to check out our first Chefs' Demonstration — Southwest Tapas on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, from 5p to 8p.

ChileUP! by Monday, February 26 to confirm your reservation!

Registration Connection

Please complete and submit this online registration for your preferred ChileUP! Chefs' Demonstration.  We will confirm your reservation within 24 hours after we receive your electronic reservation request.

Refer to the ChileUP! Calendar Connections above for specific, monthly calendar event details.